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Africans Living in View of Eternity

Young people in Kenya want to evangelize and change Africa by starting from within the continent. This is the local chapter of ALIVE which started in USA and has the following message:

In every generation, there is a call for committed and dedicated young people with the courage to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Through out the corridors of time, many faithful servants have responded to this call. From Enoch, Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, the apostles, and down to our Adventist pioneers; this higher calling to lead by principle and conviction challenges every member of our generation to cease settling for mediocrity and become an agent of positive change.

At the time when it seems like all hope is gone, Africa needs to know that though stricken with wars, famine, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, heaven has not given up! As Adventists, we believe the Great Controversy- the war between Christ and the fallen angels- is the causative issue behind all problems facing Africa and the world. Therefore, Africa’s problem which is spiritual, demands a spiritual response.

It has been our privilege to witness the birth of an African Seventh-day Adventist youth-led movement whose mission is to make a difference in this generation by providing that spiritual response.

From village to village and country to country, you and I can bring the gospel as outlined in the three angels message of Revelation 14 to a continent in dire need of hope. We have the answer to the cries of our continent and our people.


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