Upcoming Events

Hello Friends,

We thought we should wrap key events this year that need your consideration in support in whichever way possible but better still, your active participation. Besides monthly bible studies and quarterly prayer nights we have other events that enrich each member in the Christian walk. Sit back and read through:

  • Conference:
A sure word, No fables

Every year, we get away from the clutter and clang of everyday living to re-energize and rededicate our mission to God. We do this with days of Seminars, Bible Studies, Practicum, Prayer Sessions, Singing and Eating. Yes, eating a good diet that will spur you to better eating and lifestyle.

The dates shall be 23rd – 27th September! Start getting ready!

This year it will be different. We shall have the conference in Nakuru. We shall have blessed speakers and programs that will only make you want to work for Christ even better and more steadfastly. So start saving. Registration is open and you can log your interest click here (http://registration.alivekenya.org/) and we shall help you through. Be ready for a blessed experience.

  • School for the Prophets:

Don’t miss the monthly bible studies as we focus on key prophetic teachings in the bible. As the theme runs this year: A Sure Word, No Fables; You realize Christianity is what it is because of the sure word of Prophecy about our Lord Jesus Christ and the history and future of the World and much more. This is the list of study:

Bible Study Topics

Feb: Hermeneutics

March: New World Order

April: Modern Spiritualism

May: Sealing

June: Shaking

July: Latter Rain & Loud Cry

August: The Remnant In Prophecy

September: Chronology of the Last Day Events

October: 3 Angel’s Message & Health Reform

November: 3 Angel’s Message & RBF

December: The Dreadful Beast


Stay blessed as you consider