What is ALIVE?

ALIVE (K) is a movement of Seventh-day Adventist students and young professionals living in view of eternity. ALIVE (K) aims to inspire, train, and mobilize Seventh-day Adventist young adults for effective involvement in evangelism, directly impacting the African continent. It is affiliated to ALIVE, a movement Sponsored by the Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (CAMPUS) of the Michigan Conference, and is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Bible Study

First Sunday of every month

We have Bible Studies on every first SUnday of the month. They are always thematic since they follow the annual theme.The location changes from time to time but notices are always put out in good time.

Prayer Night

Once in a qaurter

We hold prayer nights once every quarter and thus four times a year. Nonetheless, we do encourage a daily experience at the throne of Grace; in confidence.


Held Annualy in September

We have our annual conferences in the third week of September and throughout the year we have Bible Conferences and patner with our chapters in the same. You can read more about the 2017 Conference.


Taking God's word to teh world

We have annual missions and this are based on the analysis done by the missions team. They can be follow up missions to already visited sites or to new sites

To prepare Kenya for the eminent return of Jesus Christ

i)    To challenge young people in Kenya to a life of active service in their various stations of life

ii)   To instil in young people in Kenya a desire for the study of God’s word and Spirit of Prophesy

iii)  To provide training to young people on Christian living and missionary work

iv) To provide opportunities for ministry through community service and humanitarian aid, and to send out missionaries

v) To be a self-supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

a)  Love for mission

b)  Excellence, Diligence and Integrity

c)  Radical Commitment and Dedication to discipleship

d)  A Sense of Urgency in all dealings

e)  Self-reliance

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